We want to give the same energy and investment that’s elevating other Erie communities to Erie’s east side, focusing primarily on Parade Street between East Sixth Street and East 12th Street.

East Side Renaissance — has reached out for expert advice on how best to transform the Parade Street neighborhood.

The Model Group, a Cincinnati firm that concentrates on neighborhood revitalization, affordable housing, and contracting/construction, was hired by the three leaders, Bishop Dwayne Brock, Matt Harris, and Marcus Atkinson, of the East Side Renaissance project to help us develop a motivating strategic plan of attack to revitalize the Parade Street corridor.  

According to U.S. Census Bureau data, the Parade Street corridor includes roughly 2,000 residents, 10% of whom were born outside the U.S. The data displays that the area’s median household income is about $19,000 yearly, and 56% of citizens there live below federal poverty guidelines.

In that area, census data confirms that 42% of residents are white, 28% are Black, 19% are Hispanic, and 10% are Asian. The median value of an owner-occupied home is $45,400.


With an emphasis mainly on improving urban areas, our developments offer an opportunity for the people of Parade Street to revitalize and restore the neighborhood considered part of an urban East Side Renaissance while still celebrating the rich history of Parade Street.

Each development has been intended to balance the historical charisma of the nearby areas on Parade Street while offering modern conveniences and charming layouts. Please find out more about each of our developments!

Enriching Parade Street — via investment, the restoration of properties, and other improvements — was a crucial proposition in an approach to expand the development plan for Erie’s east side.

Eighteen properties on or near Parade Street have plans for the east side neighborhood. Plans include a new bank office, which is missing and leads to a low banking participation rate among area residents.

Shannon, Brock, Atkinson, and Harris aim to develop a grocery store and a social club for the community.

Our goal is to revitalize business and residential spaces by creating affordable housing, supporting minority-owned small businesses, enhancing the areas already on Parade Street, bringing life back into our communities, and embracing neighborhood revitalization and community efforts.


Erie’s leading forces for philanthropy have created a pathway for Parade Street to continue revitalizing the neighborhood.
The Erie Community Foundation and other high-profile investors have given ESR $200,000 for $400,000.

At East Side Renaissance, we are committed to increasing the hope and efficacy of our community.
You will find all you need to know about our people, mission, and transformational projects. If you want to learn more about our organization, follow the links for information.

It’s fundamental to us that you get to know more so that you feel secure working with us. Once you take a moment to understand what we’re all about, we are guaranteed you will want to be involved with our organization.
Investment opportunities are still available, although minimum contribution levels must be met to join the East Side Renaissance. For more information on investments in the ESR, please contact us through provided links.

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