The Parade Street commercial corridor, between 12th and 6th streets, is Erie’s original main street; however, years of disinvestment and damage have led to an absence of hope for community members.

East Side Renaissance will work to restore hope through pathways to self-efficiency with a dual focus on people and place. Through programming and real estate investment, the Eastside Renaissance will attract new business, support community members, and drive real change for the benefit of all.


Taking a two-pronged approach focusing on people and place, the East Side Renaissance will increase population, retain, and support existing businesses while also attracting new businesses, increase first-time homeownership rates, lower poverty rates, and employment, remove blight, and restore a sense of pride into the historic community of Parade Street corridor.

East Side Renaissance seeks to rehabilitate east side community

With a focus on people and property, the three community leaders of East Side Renaissance worked with The Model Group, an experienced Cincinnati firm specializing in neighborhood revitalization and affordable housing, to develop a strategic plan to revitalize Parade Street corridor.
Funding from the Erie Community Foundation allowed for the initial gain of significant properties.
Discussions are ongoing with social service partners to expand the reach of resources into the East Side Renaissance neighborhood.

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